Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi


Fazaia Bungalows is an ambitious and exclusive initiative by Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi that aims to bring together time-honoured quality standards and modern-day architectural excellence allowing residents to enjoy best of both the domains. Designed to be built and fitted out to blend perfectly with your lifestyle, Fazaia Bungalows will emerge as a stunning development destined to redefine a truly sophisticated lifestyle. The most significant and valuable aspect of the location of Fazaia Bungalows is its proximity to the M-10 Motorway which is commonly referred to as the Karachi Northern Bypass. Karachi Strategic Master Plan-2020 envisages exceptional planning along M-10 Motorway in the adjoining areas. In the first phase, development work would be carried out along the eastern half of M-10 whereas construction of a transport and trade centre at the intersection of the RCD Highway and M-10 would also be undertaken in the same phase.


Comprising of modern and elegant apartments, Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi, is a project of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and by far, the most auspicious and luxurious housing venture undertaken in recent times in the country's largest city. It is indeed a project which will be acknowledged as a model of excellence and high standards after completion. The milestones of registration, booking and balloting of the project have been accomplished in a befitting manner and to complete satisfaction of the massive number of applicants. At the same time, major tasks of designing and town planning have also been achieved within a short span of time. At present, work continues at full pace at the project in order to be completed within the given timeframe. At the same time, adherence to highest standards and optimum quality is being ensured at all stages of development and construction in order to fulfill the high expectations associated with the name of Fazaia.


Luxury Apartments at Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi encapsulate that rare blend of quality and class which is the mark of truly prestigious housing. These aesthetically designed luxury homes, replete with impeccable interiors and top-notch specifications, are set in a peaceful space and lush environment. Designed to redefine luxury, these exceptional apartments accommodate all the necessities of a good life. Serenity, tranquility, quietude... are the words that come to your mind when you take a walk around, but it is not about words it is about the experience of a new dimension of quality living.


With all modern-day luxuries and facilities, the Apartments at Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi Site 2 assure an advanced style of housing within the reach of economy class. Each apartment is bright, airy and spacious along with a calm and peaceful environment. Promising an upscale lifestyle at an affordable price, the Apartments abound with amenities for an enhanced living experience and owing to the location, the views from these homes are envisaged to be unhindered and spectacular.

The growth of housing and construction industry in Pakistan has been typical that of a developing country. In view of a high rate of population growth and continuous influx from rural to urban areas, Pakistan faces a perpetual shortage of housing.


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